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It is with heavy hearts that the Idaho BMX board has made the difficult decision to not host an indoor racing series for the upcoming 2023 season. This decision is disappointing to all the board members, and we truly investigated all scenarios and options before making a decision. The high cost of the facility and the extreme increase in the cost of trucking dirt would jeopardize the money we have saved and the projects planned for our outdoor tracks (see below for more info). The Board has concluded that for 2023 we will focus our efforts on fundraising and upgrades at both the Caldwell and Eagle outdoor tracks.


We hope to re-evaluate having an indoor series for the 2024 season! We will be looking for a facility that could host us indoors and have the potential to store our dirt onsite in the off-season, or that has dirt available to us onsite. If you know of any resources like this please contact a board member.

Getting Started?

So you've heard about BMX Racing but don't know where to start?  That's okay we're here to help!

BMX Racing can start as early as the Strider/Balance Bike stage all the way into retirement years.  There's No Bench to sit on here, everyone RIDES! 

So what's need?

  • BMX Bike 

  • Helmet

  • Long Sleeves

  • Pants

  • USA BMX Membership (Available at Track)

Local races are typically $10 per day, and we often have rental or loaner bikes at the track, so give us a shout, we'll be happy to help you begin enjoying the best Olympic Sport on the planet! 

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