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Join the fastest growing Olympic Sport in Idaho!  

Idaho's BMX Racing is HOT!  Racers are participating at the highest rates we've seen in decades. They're bringing families to the track, and spending money with our partners. If you think Eagle Park BMX can be a fit for your company, or if you would like to make a Tax Deductible donation, please check out our sponsorship packages or send us a message!


What do I need to ride?

USA BMX Rider Safety Gear


  • Bicycle Helmet

  • Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Pants

  • Closed toe shoes

What do I need to know?


Throughout the year we offer a few New Rider Orientations or Open Houses where we go over the rules​ and regulations and basic information to get a family up and running with BMX.


New Rider Orientation PDF


  • Learn Track Lingo

  • Starting Gate Info

  • How to Read a Moto Sheet

  • About Motos

USA BMX New Rider Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a new rider?  Looking for more info about BMX racing in Southwest Idaho?  Perfect!  We have some great info and can answer a few popular questions!

Q:  How old do I need to be to BMX Race?

A:  We have races for young Balance Bike/Strider Riders up to retirement age Expert riders.  If you can balance, you can race! 

Q:  When and Where does everyone BMX Race?

A:  Outdoor Racing starts in May in Caldwell and Eagle Idaho. See Tracks Page.  

Q: What safety gear is required to BMX race?

A:  A Bicycle Helmet, Long Sleeve Shirt, Close Toe Shoes, and Pants.  A full face helmet is recommended for maximum protection, but not required. See photos above.


Q: How much does it cost to BMX race?

A:  Most local single point races range from $10-$15. This includes some practice time before racing, Two Qualifying Motos and if you advance, a Main Race. Races like Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race, Gold Cup Qualifiers, and State Championships can cost between $20-$35 in our region.

Q:  I heard I need a USA BMX Membership to race?

A:  Yes, all of our races are USA BMX sanctioned, which requires a yearly membership. See below Membership info for details and options. Memberships are available to purchase at the track.  We also offer a one-time New Rider Free Membership day. The first time you race, if you don't already have a membership your race and 1-day membership is FREE.

Q: Do boys and girls race in the same BMX race?

A: Yes, racers start out racing each other as Novice and Intermediate riders. As they advance, they move into separate Boy Expert or Girl Expert classes.

Q:  Do I need to race a Full Season of BMX?

A:  No, you can pick and choose any races you'd like to participate in. Your year-end points are tallied by your yearly participation. 

Q:  Do I need to be a member of a team?

A:  Not at all!  Most of the riders are just out there with their family having fun.  Everyone at the track is there to support everyone else, if you need anything just ask! 

Q:  Do I need a Number on my bike to race BMX? 

A:  Yes, if you are a new rider your number will be the last Three digits of your USA BMX Membership number. If you don't have a membership number yet, don't worry our Membership Director will help you at the track. 

Q: I raced last year, but what's my new Number?

A: USA BMX compiles your standings for the previous year. Wherever your previous year district points place/standing is, will be the new number you will run. Visit USA BMX District points page. Our District is (ID 01).

Q: How do the Balance Bike Races work? Are there Balance Bike Practices?

A: We run strider/balance bike races and practice at the same time as our regular weekly races. For strider specific practice times, the only time we have designated for this currently is right before each race. At that point we clear the track and invite striders to take a few laps before the race starts. 

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