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  Our Policies  


Idaho BMX is a volunteer based organization that is dedicated to promoting the sport of BMX racing. We believe BMX is a great family sport that teaches our community the importance of hard work, commitment, and dedication through, racing, and volunteering. 

It is our intention to promote Good Sportsmanship and respect for all participants who visit Idaho BMX tracks and events. By participating you agree to the USA BMX Rulebook Code of Conduct as well as to the following.

  • I will respect the track volunteers and officials and their authority at all times.

  • I will respect all facilities and equipment made available.

  • I will not use profanity, abusive language, or threatening behavior towards any rider, parent, or track official.

  • I will respect all riders and treat them with respect.

  • I will encourage my child to ride by the rules.

  • I will remember that children learn by example.

  • I will acknowledge good riding by both my child and other riders.


The Idaho BMX Board of Directors puts this Code of Conduct into place with the desired goal of creating and maintaining an atmosphere of good sportsmanship, mutual respect, and a safe family friendly environment. This code of conduct applies to all riders, parents, volunteers, and spectators.  Failure to follow this code of conduct will result in, but is not limited to, to the following: ​

  1. Verbal warning

  2. Written warning

  3. Suspension/Expulsion from our facility

Any action taken which involves violation of these rules, will be at the discretion of the individualTrack Operators (or Assistant Track Operator in their place) and the Idaho BMX Board of Directors.


All sales are final and no refunds. Disputes or questions can be sent to, all decisions are are directed to the USA/BMX assigned Track Operator as per USA/BMX rules.


Idaho BMX and its board members will not use your personal information for anything beyond its intent and will only share your information with USA BMX as needed for registration of events. We will not sell your information to third parties.

Payment Methods
  • Credit / Debit Cards, payment processing via Wix and Square

  • Paypal, Venmo

  • Cash, Bike Bucks

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