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 About USABMX Memberships 

All Idaho BMX races are USA BMX sanctioned, which requires a yearly membership in order to participate.

Types of USA BMX Memberships

One-day free membership / $ FREE

For the new novice rider to have a chance to experience the sport. (Must be acquired at the track.)

Temporary 60 Day / $40 (USD)

For the new rider to the sport (must be acquired at the track).

  • Valid at any sanctioned track.

  • For practice and single-points races only.

  • No points will be awarded.

  • Ability to "upgrade" this to a Full Membership with additional payment of $45 USD.

Balance Bike (annual) / $40 (USD)

For the young toddler rider 

  • Official membership card.     

  • For use with no pedal / balance bikes.

  • No points awarded.

  • Convertible within a 6 month period to a full membership with a conversion fee. A conversion will keep the same expiration date as the Balance Bike membership.

Full Member (annual) / $80 (USD)

-- ​Most common -- For any rider racing from the gate.

  • Official membership card.

  • One-year subscription to PULL magazine (1st family membership only).

  • Annual tracking of points for all races.

  • Temporary number plate and New Rider Manual (can be picked up at local track).

  • Family discounts for 2nd and 3rd (or additional) family members.

Gold Membership (annual) / $350 (USD)

  • This is an “upgrade” from a Full Membership that is a tremendous value for national riders.

  • Official membership card.

  • First-class subscription to PULL magazine.

  • Annual tracking of points for all races.

  • “Gold Card member only” line at all national events.

  • One (1) “free” Open class entry at any national at the time of purchase.

  • One (1) “free” Open class entry at any national after racing ten 10 nationals in a calendar year.

  • One (1) “free” Open entry at any national after racing 20 single point local races in a calendar year.

  • SPOT Insurance coverage at all sanctioned events.

  • Unlimited timing at all USA BMX national events (transponder not included).

  • Free entry to USA BMX National Hall of Fame Museum.

How do I get or renew a membership?

  • At the track! At any of our events, we can help you with your membership. Just ask at registration.

  • Online! If you're interested to create or renew your membership online, you can do that too via email.

Practice Only

If you're only looking to practice, you can print and sign our waiver to practice at our events - no membership required.

Perks of having Membership Profile at

Followers/parents can create a profile; a parent profile is required if you have a minor with a profile. Riders with a profile can:

  • Pre-reg for National event

  • Check your rider points

  • See your race history

  • See your trophy room

  • Create a personal blog space to post photos, sponsor info, share with friends and family and have followers.

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