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Our club could not exist year after year without drawing upon the support and talents of our wonderfully diverse membership. There are no paid positions or hired personnel at Idaho BMX. Every aspect of the track upkeep and the successful execution of our racing events are 100% organized, managed and done through volunteer efforts. We need your help to make this season awesome!

Other sports Organizations including some BMX Orgs have mandatory 20 hours of Volunteer Service, or charge up to $350 to Opt-Out of Volunteer work. We're just asking for some small commitments so we don't have to make our program like this. We want to keep our program as affordable as possible, but we need your help do it!

We've even created some incentives for your help!


Please see this link to sign-up for any of our 4 tracks:



Track Prep Positions need to arrive 1 hour prior to Registration.  All others 30 minutes prior to Registration.


We have some incentives in place to also help entice you to support your favorite sport!

  1. If you Volunteer at Gate Practice / You Get a Free Practice that Day!

  2. If you Volunteer at a Race / You get a Free race that day! If you work a Double/Triple Points race, earn a Single Points Entry for a later date!

  3. If you are a Volunteer that holds a Season Pass, for you we are doing a $50 Gift Card Drawing each month for Season Pass Volunteers only, each track.

All positions must be entered into iVolunteer first, or confirmed and signed off by a TO (Track Operator).

If you want to work Finish line or Registration, please let Jessica know at Registration and she will be excited to train you.

If there's another position that is closed on iVolunteer, but you want to learn it for next time, no problem. Your TO (Track Operator) can teach you or have you "Shadow" someone.

Join the fastest growing Olympic Sport in Idaho!  

Idaho's BMX Racing is HOT!  Racers are participating at the highest rates we've seen in decades. They're bringing families to the track, and spending money with our partners. If you think Eagle Park BMX can be a fit for your company, or if you would like to make a Tax Deductible donation, please visit this link or send us a message!