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2024 Open Idaho BMX Board Positions

As we head towards the end of our 2023 racing season, we wanted to announce some upcoming leadership changes. It was a big, busy, exciting year for Idaho BMX and we are looking forward to next year. Thank you to all of the families, riders, teams, volunteers, and sponsors for an amazing year!

Leadership within Idaho BMX in the past has been kept to a small group that serves a three year term. There is a great deal that goes into running multiple tracks (at some times 3) in one racing season. In reviewing current roles and the bylaws this fall we are looking at making some changes that will allow people to serve in different capacities that fit more closely to the needs of the community as well as balancing responsibilities for work/track/life balance. With that, we are asking the community to step up. See our current positions and opening positions at the end of this season below… For next season, we may split out an associate group of board members that serve one year at a time and on specific projects or events.

2023 Board of Directors

  • President - Anne VanWassenhove

  • Secretary - Jim Allison

  • Treasurer - Allison Jakubiak

  • Registration & Volunteers - Jen Hill

  • Fundraising - Shantel Adair

  • Eagle Track Operator - Andy Andree

  • Eagle Assistant T.O. - Jason Olson

  • Caldwell Track Operator - Teak O'Malley

  • Caldwell Assistant T.O. - Ben Sinsel

2024 Program Opportunities

Board President

Anne VanWassenhove has completed her three-year term on the board and at the end of this season will step away. Her contributions to the organization have turned our program into everything it is today and we will do our best to run it with the same spirit and dedication. Jen Hill - current Registration and Volunteer Coordinator - has graciously accepted the position and will be replacing Anne. Jen has worked closely with Anne for the entirety of her term and we are hopeful that her institutional knowledge of our program will keep things moving without a hitch.

Secretary - Available to fill

Thank you to Jim Allison for stepping in to help the last couple of years. Your organization and nerdery in our IT systems have been extremely valuable - not to mention your community outreach success with the New Rider Clinics this year. We know you’ll still be around to help out, and for that we are grateful!

Are you interested in filling this role? See the responsibilities below and reach out if you would be a good fit:

The Secretary shall record and keep the minutes of all meetings of the Board and the attendance thereof. It is anticipated that occasionally Board decisions will be made outside of the regular meetings and it is the responsibility of the Secretary to be diligent and ensure that business conducted outside of the regular meetings is recorded. Additionally, the Secretary shall be responsible to:

  • Manages Calendars for all Idaho BMX events including:

    • Weekly Events

    • Special Events

    • Track Rentals

    • Clinics

  • Coordinates updates from the above to:

    • USA BMX Microsites

    • Website Calendar

    • Social Media Calendar


Allison Jakubiak will be staying in her position. We appreciate her knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting and her willingness to lean in and volunteer elsewhere when needed. She keeps our Quickbooks on point, the taxes filed and keeps a close accounting of all cash at each track. Thank you, Money-Momma!

Fundraising & Sponsorship Director

Shantel Adair will be staying in her position as well, she has done an excellent job keeping in touch with our program partners, getting signs and social media posted and overall keeping this portion of the program running smoothly.

Registration & Volunteers - Available to fill

As Jen steps out of this role we are revisiting its purpose/responsibilities and may consider splitting this into smaller, more manageable positions. If you have any experience or skills in, or would be interested in learning the Race Manager software and/or managing volunteer teams please let us know.

  • Volunteer Coordination Responsibilities

    • Volunteer Sign Ups and Delegation

    • Organization and Implementation of Volunteer Training Events

  • Registration Coordination Responsibilities

    • New Membership Waivers

      • Digitize and Organize

      • Ongoing TORF Reports

    • Registration Training & Accountability

    • Race Manager Scoring / TORFing

      • Scoring

      • Waivers

      • Injury reports

Eagle Track Operator - Available to fill

We have been so lucky to have Andy Andree for the last handful of years keeping our Eagle track running smoothly. Thank you, Andy, for all that you have done for the tracks and the community over the years. Idaho BMX is lucky to have you and we hope to continue on you and your family’s legacy and make you proud! If you are interested in this position, we are looking for an individual that would be comfortable running the day-to-day operations of the track and who feels comfortable in upholding the USA BMX rules and regulations as the head official at all Eagle Park BMX events.

Eagle Assistant T.O.

Jason Olson will be staying on in his role as assistant for the next season, we appreciate his hard work and dedication to the sport.

Caldwell Track Operator

Teak O'Malley will be leading the charge another year at the Caldwell track, we look forward to more growth and upgrades to our facility. Thank you for all you do!

Caldwell Assistant T.O.

Ben Sinsel will be continuing on in his position as assistant, we also appreciate all the hard work and hours towards the program he continues to put in.

New Roles & Responsibilities

The board is also seeking individuals with skills in the following areas…

  • New Rider Outreach - you live and breathe BMX and have a passion for getting others into the sport.

  • Events Coordinator - you know good events and all it takes to make them happen (food trucks, scheduling, permitting, etc).

  • Concessions - you’re organized and dedicated, willing to shop for items and ensure someone is available to sell at all Caldwell races.

  • Marketing Coordinator - you’re interested to help Idaho BMX spread awareness across all platforms including Social Media, the Website, local news media, and more.

  • IT Administrator - you know what it takes to run an office smoothly with computer and networking equipment and are willing to do the maintenance and regular upkeep for the board’s hardware and software.

Are you good at any of the above and interested in helping out? Reach out and let’s chat (send email to with the role you are interested in and why you would be a good fit or find a current board member to discuss)! All board members and volunteers receive discounted races (Bike Bucks) for their participation. Not all positions will be required to attend monthly meetings.

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