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We heard from many that you wanted a different way to pre-register and after spending some time exploring options we are excited to try out for Indoor.

This is new to us here in the Valley but we know some have used it to register at other tracks. If you already have an account, you will use the same account you used at other tracks. If you need to set up an account, have your riders' serial numbers handy and make sure you know their CURRENT plate numbers.

Please reach out if you have any questions. The key thing to remember is that if you currently have a profile you will need to update your number plates from last year it is NOT automatic.

I do not have an account. How do I create one?

New to BMX? Start here, or plan to pre register in person at the event.

  • Have your riders' serial numbers handy and head to and click "Create Account" in the menu.

  • After you fill out the form, you will receive an email to confirm your account. In your email, click the link to activate your account then come back and login.

  • Once you have logged in, click the person icon to open your account dropdown. Select "My Riders"

  • On that screen, click "Add Another Rider" to add a rider, then fill out the form. The most important details here are the Rider's name, serial and racing proficiencies. The rest are optional details you can update. If your rider does not race cruiser, you can leave that option selected as a default. It will not use that info unless you register them for a cruiser race (or vice versa for class).

  • After you create the profile, add any other riders you will be registering and continue to the next step.

How to add plate numbers

  • From the rider profile select "Add Another Plate" to add a plate.

  • Since riders can ride more than one bike and may want to ride their state plate at local races, but their district plate out of state, etc - it is possible you have several plates for one rider here. We recommend keeping only current plates in this list to limit confusion in registration and if you know your rider will only be riding any certain number, only have that option in this list.

In this example, my rider races two bikes. Both district plates. When I register them, I will see these options.

How to update plate numbers

This is a big one and very important to note. You will need to do this every year when your plates change. That means, after state or gold cup finals in the fall if you plan to ride your new State or Gold Cup Plate, you will need to add it/update it here. And of course, in January after district points are finalized, you will also update your plates before racing for the first time any given season. (Check your ID01 district points here for 2023)

  • From the rider profile in find the plate you are updating and "Delete" it. Don't worry - if you accidentally delete a plate you still need, you can add it back.

  • After it's deleted, select "Add Another Plate" to add a plate and follow the same steps as before.

And that's it! Now you're ready to register.

How to Pre Register

Navigate to "Open Events" at and select the event you want to sign up for (you can sign up for multiple riders and multiple events in one transaction)

  • Fill out the info for each rider - again, in this example my rider races two bikes. When I register them, I select the corresponding plates for their respective bikes and hit "Save"

After you hit "Save" it will add the registration to your cart. From here you can proceed to register for another race for the same or different riders, or go back to "Open Events" and register additional riders.

Once you have added all of the entries you would like, proceed to checkout.

You will receive an email notification of your registrations. Please doublecheck your rider has been pre-registered EACH event and also doublecheck their plate numbers match. We try our best to get it all right, but we do make mistakes and appreciate your help making sure we have all the info correct before motos are posted.

If you have any trouble getting an account or pre-registering, please reach out to and we will help out!

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