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September 2022 Board Meeting News

Idaho BMX, Inc. and its board of directors have been working this season to find new ways to develop our program and our facilities. Listed below are some key points of information we would like to share with you.

Board Positions

Currently board positions are three year staggered terms, this should prevent the loss of institutional knowledge and foster healthy turnover. We would like to raise our glasses to Brady Briscoe who has been our acting Board President, he has given much to our community and our board and he has completed his three year term. We all, with much gratitude, say thank you Brady!

If we are giving out some love, then we can’t overlook the awesome team we have on the Board as well. Be sure to give a big thank you to Teak O’Malley & Andy Andree our track operators, and their assistant track operators Jason Olson and Ben Sinsel. Jen Hill oversees registration and membership, and last but not least, Jim Allison as our secretary.

The Board President’s hat has been passed to Anne VanWassenhove by vote of the board members and we are looking forward to continued progress in growing our program and giving back to our community.

The Board will now need to fill the Treasurer position, and we are looking for an individual that has some knowledge of Quickbooks and basic bookkeeping.

Additionally, the Board is adding a position! We are looking for a Fundraising Coordinator. This position will maintain relationships with our current partner sponsors as well as seek other fundraising opportunities to grow our program and source extra support for our large events.

If you are interested in knowing more about either position, or would like to throw your hat in the ring you can reach out to

2023 Indoor Season

It is with heavy hearts that the Board has made the difficult decision to not host an indoor racing series for the upcoming 2023 season. This decision is disappointing to all the board members, and we truly investigated all scenarios and options before making a decision. The high cost of the facility and the extreme increase in the cost of trucking dirt would jeopardize the money we have saved and the projects planned for our outdoor tracks (see below for more info). The Board has concluded that for 2023 we will focus our efforts on fundraising and upgrades at both the Caldwell and Eagle outdoor tracks.

We hope to re-evaluate having an indoor series for the 2024 season! We will be looking for a facility that could host us indoors and have the potential to store our dirt onsite in the off-season, or that has dirt available to us onsite. If you know of any resources like this please contact a board member.


Current Idaho BMX, Inc. Projects

Here are a few items of interest that you may not be aware of that the Board has been working on for the past season… (click to expand and read more)

New Rams!

Our awesome Track Operators Teak O’Malley and Andy Andree have been waiting on new gate equipment to be shipped all summer and it’s finally here! At nearly $8,000 we hope that new faster rams, cadence boxes, and start lights at Eagle and Caldwell can help all our riders. Look for those to be installed by the first week of October.

Caldwell registration office got a fabulous face lift

Did you know that Idaho BMX, Inc. applied to host a National?

Gold Cup Qualifiers (and possibly Finals!)

Glue! Yep, glue.

Social Media & Website

Local Networking...

$Bike Bucks$

Volunteer Training and Calls for Volunteers


Grands Watch Party!


Future (2023) Idaho BMX, Inc. Projects

The Board has big plans for our current tracks and we are excited to present to you projects that show our growth and direction. Check them out below! (click to expand and read more)

A National at Caldwell?

We don’t know yet, but you can be sure if we aren’t selected for a 2023 event, we will be doubling down our efforts on our application for 2024!

Paved corners at Eagle?

Glue or Slurry?

Pro Gates?

Coaching Program?

BMX League?

Ladies Events?


Remember, Idaho BMX, Inc. is a nonprofit and run entirely by volunteers, we appreciate all of you that help us make this organization successful. If you have any questions, ideas, or other resources that could help our BMX community please reach out to a board member. Thank you!

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