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Who Is Jeff Upshaw : Team USA BMX Athlete

Hi Jeff, you’re a pretty big deal in the BMX world. You’re now living in Boise, Idaho, originally from Dayton, Ohio. We're fortunate to have you hear in the Treasure Valley, and would love to share your story with our Idaho BMX riders. Please tell us more about you and your racing career.

How old were you the you started racing?

I started racing BMX at the age of 7 at Valencia BMX in California.

How many years have you been racing now?

November 2019 marks my 25th season.

When did you decide to turn Pro?

2007 was the year I turned Pro (12 years ago)

Do you have any nicknames?

I’ve had a few nicknames over the years. Upshizzle, Rubberband man. But Uppy has seemed to stick through out the years.

We noticed you picked number 937, what's the significance?  

Dayton Ohio is my home town and i have always been on the road since i was a youngster. When i got a chance to pick my career number I chose my hometown area code #937 so home was always with me.

What was it about your youth that drove you to be so successful on a bike? I found BMX early on in my life and it was something that kept me out of the trouble that most of my friends got into. From there i realized that i was able to be a role model. Ever since then I’ve dove into sport to be a example to those around me that with hard work and dedication you can become who ever you want.

Can you share some of your big BMX Racing accomplishments?

8x State Champion, 6x Gold Cup Champion, 11x National Champion, Junior Men World #6  2016 Team USA Olympic Alternate.

Speaking of the Olympics, can you tell us what it takes to be on Team USA? How do you get chosen to go to the Olympics?

Being chosen to be on Team USA comes down to results.  The more American guys you beat out, the better your chances are to be on the team.  When it comes to the Olympics it’s a pretty similar process. Plan and stick to the plan. A series of results over a 2 year span allows you to be qualified to be chosen for a posting which is called “Power Ranking” number 1 seed in The Elite class. Second opportunity is making the podium at 2020 World Champs and lastly Coaches Pick.

What are your goals for the next few years?

I am still an active athlete working toward the  2020 Team USA  Olympic team, on top of that building a successful brand that allows kids in the sport of BMX to have a real life experience through our sport. Learning about what you put in is what you get out. Mentally physically and emotionally.  I want to one day have the opportunity to share my life with the world. The ups, downs and everything in between. 

What do you think young riders should do on and off the track today to be successful short term, and long term?

Consistency is key. And into today’s generation we have to be really careful what we are exposed to. keep those encouraging thoughts and people that you are telling you are enough around.  As well as being consistent with your physical activity and most of all have fun!

Is there anyone you would like to thank for your success then and now?

God first and foremost, My mom and dad, Kelly and Troy Daniels for the support and all my sponsors Ride 100%, Chase Bicycles, Avian Brand, Sidi Shoes, BlotOut graphics, Tioga, Profile, Rennen.

Is there anything else you want the BMX world to know? 

BMX is a family sport. You can all ride together parents, sons and daughters and grandchildren. In this individual sport there’s a lot of self development as a youth or a adult. Come out and get apart of it!

Jeff Upshaw Team USA BMX Athlete
Jeff Upshaw competes against Olympic Gold Medalist, Connor Fields, at USA BMX GoPro Great Salt Lake Nationals.

Thank you Jeff for your time! We'll see you at the track!!!

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