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Race Awards

For each race, riders who finish in First, Second, or 3rd standing are awarded certificates or a choice of trophies, Saver Stamps, or BMX Bike Bucks. 

Standard Race Award Options

Top 3 Riders in each race can choose from...


First, Second, Third
varied sizes.

Saver Stamps

Worth $0.75 each and
can be used at larger USA BMX events for race fees and with vendors

BMX Bike Bucks

Use like cash for practice and race fees at Eagle and Caldwell tracks

Saver Stamps

PXL_20221010_172951702 - Edited.png

USA BMX Saver Stamps have a cash value and are redeemable for merchandise or services through certain Xchange centers. The stamps are collected by the racer and placed on a Saver Stamp Card. Each stamp has a cash value of $0.75 and a completed card of 20 stamps has a cash value of $15.

BMX Bike Bucks


BMX Bucks are an option for riders awards just like trophies and saver stamps. The BMX Bucks have no direct cash value but can be used at registration to pay for racing and practice just like cash. Feel free to use them with your BMX neighbors to buy and sell bike parts, etc.!


Bike Bucks DO NOT EXPIRE but can only be used at Idaho BMX, Inc. tracks (Caldwell & Eagle). In the future we hope to have developed a working relationship with local bike shops and the vendors that sell food at our tracks to accept our Bike Bucks as well! Stay tuned for details as they emerge.



For any special races like the Bob Warnicke Scholarship and Race for Life events, certificates will be given out in place of all other award options. To reduce the cost of races and optimize giving potential, certificates are distributed in recognition of all main event qualifier riders.

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