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2019 Idaho Indoor BMX Clinics!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

We’re excited to offer multiple clinics at Idaho Indoor BMX for all ages and skill levels. Andy Andree’s BMX Clinics will feature New Rider techniques to advanced technical skill building. With two separate groups, a Novice/Intermediate course to learn on-track BMX basics, and an Intermediate/Expert clinic for riders to hone or build advanced skillsets. Each 90 – 120 minute clinic is held before the day’s racing action, so the rider can take their fresh knowledge and put it to work on the BMX track immediately!

Coach Andy Andree is a local Expert rider who grew up “behind bars” in the Treasure Valley. With 15 years of BMX racing experience, Andy spent multiple years as a Top 10 NAG, 5X State Champ, 5X District #1 and even claiming a Top 50 Amateur ranking. His experiences have taken him across the country, and he continues to share his love for the sport with his own young family.

If you or your racer wants to ride with more confidence, try a Clinic with Andy Andree!

No pre-registration, be sure to show up 20 minutes before your clinic starts to get registered, and prepare for the fun ahead!


FEB. 2 | NOV/INT | 12-2PM - $10 FEB. 9 | NOV/INT | 12-2PM - $10 MAR. 2 | INT/EXP | 10-11:30AM - $20

MAR. 2 | NOV/INT | 12-12PM - $10

MAR. 9 | INT/EXP | 10-11:30AM - $20

MAR. 9 | NOV/INT | 12-12PM - $10

MAR. 9 | FEMALE ONLY | 12-12PM - $10

Canyon County Fairgrounds 111 S. 22nd St. Caldwell, ID 83605 USA

Some key components of each clinic.


  • Intro to BMX & Racing

  • Balancing and Gates

  • How to Maneuver Obstacles

  • How to Maneuver Corner


  • Gate Technique

  • Passing Moves

  • Manualing

  • Jumping

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