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Idaho Racers WIN at Grands!

Michael Boyle and Drew Walz claim victories at The Greatest Race On Earth

Idaho may be small but we're mighty! Congrats to Drew Walz for claiming ROC #1 (Race of Champions), and "The Pride of Idaho" Michael Boyle for securing the #1 Grand National 21-25 Expert victory!

Matt Baisley grabbed a 3rd place in 31-35 Expert while also nabbing a 6th place in the Open class. All before taking a terrible crash and injuring himself for the off-season. Get well Matt!

Brook Madsen came out swinging with a 4th place at the ROC, and also placing a very respectable 7th place in 36-40 Women Cruiser.

Hopefully in 2019, we will have both a higher rider count, as well as podium count, and mains count. Although Jeff Upshaw still is listed as an Ohio rider/racer, we feel he is part of our Idaho community, and we are so proud that he made the main event for the Men's Elite. Hopefully this data shows we are strong and winning community, and encourages all our local riders to strive for the top step at Grands.

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