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Treasure Valley Cup Series | Spring 2019

🔥🔥It's BAAAACK! Treasure Valley Cup will run as Two Series, Spring and Fall! First Spring Qualifiers are THIS weekend!🔥🔥

Spring Series Qualifiers:

Eagle Park: 5/11 & 6/12 Caldwell BMX: 5/17, 6/14, & 7/19*

Rocky Top: 5/12 & 6/15

To be eligible for a Cup series award at the Championships a rider must ride a minimum of 1 qualifiers (for each bike if the rider is trying for an award in both class and cruiser) AND the rider must race the Championship.

We will add up to the TOP 4 scores only plus ONE bonus point for each qualifier raced. Standings are based on points so the more qualifiers raced that more points a rider will have.

Riders will be grouped into age groups (not proficiency) and age groups will be determined after the 3rd qualifier is raced. Age groups will need to have a minimum of FIVE riders with 1 qualifier raced, therefore some age groups could be combined to get the 5 rider minimum. Awards for each series will occur AFTER the championship race is finished. The championship race will be double points towards the rider’s score/standings (see scoring table below). Awards will be given to the top 3 riders in the age groups.

Striders will be eligible for an award if a strider races in a minimum of 3 qualifiers and the championship race per series. No points are awarded to striders – ALL striders meeting these requirements will be awarded.

Below is the scoring system that will be used each qualifier regardless of Proficiency:

1st = 240 2nd = 200 3rd = 160 4th = 120 5th = 80 6th = 60 7th = 40 8th = 20 Did not qualify for Main = 10 points

We will post scores and standings periodically throughout the series on Facebook and/or Web.

Fall Series Dates and Details to Follow at a later date.

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