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2023 Spring Newsletter

Updated: Mar 5

Spring is here! Well, almost. In the BMX world we are counting down the days until we can be at the track with our peeps again. While we haven’t seen each other for a bit, just know the Idaho BMX, Inc. Board of Directors has still been marking tasks off the list. There are lots of interesting news bites in this update so please look it over, share with friends, like, follow, ask questions, volunteer, and just generally be BMX RAD!


We recognize that not all families are on social media, and in the last year we have noticed that content may not always make it through the matrix and put our bmx news in your feed. In order to keep everyone up to date on information we suggest the following –

  1. Check the Website. This is our current schedule and what we plan to hold for our entire 2023 season.

  2. Create a profile and/or subscribe to email alerts - we will send emails in cases of cancellations, delays, etc.

  3. Like and Follow on Facebook

  4. Make sure you have marked the page as a Favorite so you are sure to see our updates first!

How to "Follow" on Facebook

Additionally, our website platform offers the option to create your own profile. Going forward this will make online purchases faster, you will be able to see your purchase history, gift cards, etc. and receive occasional emails like this one. Social media content will continue to bring fun pictures and quick reminders to check updated content on the website.

Calendar – 2023 Idaho BMX Schedule

The schedule can be found on our website and we hope that it can be your one stop information for North West racing. You will see that there are Nationals listed, Gold Cup qualifiers in the NW region, our local schedule for Caldwell and Eagle, as well as some of our neighboring track events. We hope that this will give you a more robust view of the racing schedule. Be looking for other events as well, we will have volunteer training days, trophy buy back days, track work days and other special events to help connect our riders and community.

2023 Idaho BMX Season

Special Events (Speed Week, Gem State National...)

Track Rentals

And for the calendar, the most important detail…each event on the calendar will have developed content, so click on them as needed to see event times, addresses, payment links and other valuable information about the event. Additionally, the board tries to plan strategically, and when we see there is a large race out of town that most or all of our board members will be attending we adjust our local racing accordingly.

We understand that not all local riders travel for racing, please know that until we have a more robust group of volunteers to run races while board members are gone this is what we have to do. Now that the schedule is posted, it is our goal to not make any changes other than things out of our control such as weather; cancellation notifications will go to emails first and then social media. Full schedule here: