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Caldwell BMX to hold 2019 Idaho State BMX Championship

The Idaho State BMX Championship will return to the Treasure Valley on September 14th where BMX riders of all ages will go head to head at the chance to be #1 in the state. The anticipation of September's race at Caldwell BMX will be a culmination of hard fought BMX battles throughout the season.

Idaho BMX Racers are required by USA BMX to race at least three State Qualifying races and the Championship race to be eligible for the coveted #1 Plate (The riders bicycle number plate which the rider will have for the full year following, proudly displaying the riders success of 2019).

Southern Idaho has already hosted four Idaho State Qualifier races this season including races at: Idaho Indoor BMX, Eagle Park BMX, Rocky Top BMX, and Caldwell BMX. For those riders still looking to qualify, two important races are available in northern and eastern Idaho this July and August.

Idaho State Championship (Caldwell, ID)

Caldwell BMX

September 14 - 1pm

Idaho State Qualifier (Coeur D`Alene, ID)

Cherry Hill Park BMX

July 28 - 11am

Idaho State Qualifier (Idaho Falls, ID)

Snake River BMX

August 4 - 8:30am

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