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Rocky Top BMX

N 23rd W St.

Mountain Home, ID 83647


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  • Eagle Park BMX Instagram


Named Rocky Top BMX for it's course and rocky dirt, this track brings the original Bicycle Motocross vibe to all racers.  It's a flatter track with long straights providing a great strength building platform, which truly testing your endurance compared to Eagle or Caldwell tracks. 

With the continued support from the City of Mountain Home, we look to hold more races in 2019.


Racing at Rocky Top BMX begins in May and runs through October.

Rocky Top BMX is open to the public year round (pending weather and conditions) at No cost, except for practice days and race days. 

  • $5 Gate Practice Fee

  • $10 Single Points Local Race Fee

  • USA BMX Membership Required
    (Available at Track)

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Getting Started?

So you've heard about BMX Racing but don't know where to start?  That's okay we're here to help!

BMX Racing can start as early as the Strider/Balance Bike stage all the way into retirement years.  There's No Bench to sit on here, everyone RIDES! 

So what's need?

  • BMX Bike 

  • Helmet

  • Long Sleeves

  • Pants

  • USA BMX Membership (Available at Track)

Local races are typically $10 per day, and we often have rental or loaner bikes at the track, so give us a shout, we'll be happy to help you begin enjoying the best Olympic Sport on the planet! 

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